08 April 2024

Soft phase-in process

How do we help children start enjoying going to preschool?
The transition from home to preschool is an important moment in a child's life. New faces, environment, and rules can cause worry for both children and their parents. However, at Montessori Hub, we have witnessed how easily and quickly kids can adapt to the new environment! Here is how our soft phase-in process helps each family comfortably navigate this stage:

Individual Approach
Even before the child's first day at preschool, the family engages in an informal meeting with the teacher. During this interaction, the educator establishes contact with the child, shows them the classroom, introduces them to materials, and explains the daily routine. We recognize that all children are unique, so we strive to get to know each kid better, building trusting relationships. During the tour, parents can ask any questions and share their concerns, wishes, and the child's needs. For example, we take into account sleep, hygiene, and dietary preferences and can even adjust the menu individually for the child.

Parental Support
The adaptation process involves gradually introducing the child to the classroom, starting with short visits while one of the parents stays in the hallway. Having a close person present reduces the child's sense of uncertainty: they can leave the classroom to visit mom or dad and then return to work calmly. The time spent in preschool increases depending on the kid's needs: some are comfortable staying half an hour longer every day, while others quickly and easily let go of their parents after just three days. We are always happy to offer you coffee and free Wi-Fi so you can spend this time comfortably and even work :)

Family Contact
Initially, the educator will accompany the child throughout the day, assisting them with everything. Our support remains constant: we share daily photos of the child and a report on their activities in class. Teachers also create a personalized development plan for each kid and track its implementation through the Transparent Classroom service, which parents also have access to. Every six months, we hold individual conferences with the family to provide a progress report on the child and discuss any questions or wishes regarding the academic plan.

We always remind parents that the most important thing they can do to help kids in the adaptation process is to remain calm and positive. Children are very sensitive to adults' state: when they see that you take them to preschool without worry and with a smile, their anxiety subsides. The ability to adapt to new conditions is a skill that your child will use throughout their life. Do not be afraid of this stage, as it provides them with valuable experience and an opportunity to develop in harmony!

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