Personality Development
At Montessori Hub, we recognize that every child is unique, so our approach to each student varies depending on their individual needs. Here, you will find a personalized development plan specifically made for your child, which takes into account their characteristics, learning pace, talents, and interests. And, of course, a gentle phase-in process with an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, and psychological comfort! We deeply respect and value children's opinions and emotions, so we have created an environment where they feel secure.

We place great importance on the concept of "freedom within limits." In our classrooms, rules and responsibilities are upheld, and the children gain essential skills like peaceful communication, conflict resolution, public speaking, responsible and eco-aware mindset This balance fosters a healthy personal development,enabling students to blossom into happy and successful adults.
Work Cycle
Our classrooms are filled with captivating and beautiful materials that invite young children to explore. Each shelf is meticulously organized with the children in mind, considering their age, interests, and physical and social-emotional needs. The prepared environment serves as a teacher just as much!

During a three-hour Montessori session, children participate in various activities such as mathematics, language, science, sensory exploration, English language learning, practical life exercises, and various creative pursuits. They work independently in small groups, with a classmate, one-on-one with a teacher, or as a whole class. Our primary goal is to nurture their independence, social skills, and concentration. Most importantly, we keep parents well-informed about their child's progress every step of the way through emails and online tools.
Preparation for Elementary
Our kids are fully prepared for elementary school! By the age of six, they can already read and write in two languages, perform addition and subtraction up to one hundred, and are familiar with multiplication and division. What's remarkable is that this progress is driven by their curiosity and interests – that is possible because children develop strong communication and self-motivation skills, which serve as the foundation for learning with enthusiasm. In addition to their solid academic foundation, they also possess a broad understanding of various subjects, including astronomy, history, geography and the life cycles of plants and animals.
Development of Independence
The Montessori method lays the strongest foundation for a child's independence at an early age. However, our teachers are always ready to support children and help them become more independent. At Montessori Hub, children handle tasks like changing clothes, setting the table, cleaning up, watering plants, caring for animals, cooking, and much more!

Children derive great satisfaction from purposeful, real-life activities that gradually build their self-confidence, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. They also take pleasure in making a tangible impact, seeing the results of their efforts, and feeling a sense of accomplishment. That's why it's crucial for us not only to care for and nurture the child but also to respect them and trust in their abilities, fostering their innate desire for independence.
Healthy Environment
We have our own playground and a nearby park, which provide space for active play. Depending on the weather, children go outside into the fresh air and play with friends once or twice a day. Indoors, we engage in daily exercises and gymnastics, work with balancers and massagers, and focus on developing motor skills and coordination of movements.

A good rest and three nutritious meals a day are integral to our daily routine at the preschool. Each meal we serve is thoughtfully prepared, incorporating a balanced mix of nutrients, vegetables, and healthy grains, making it not only nutritious but also delicious! Moreover, we consider each child's individual needs, accommodating gluten-free, lactose-free, and sugar-free options, as well as making substitutions for allergenic foods to ensure the safety and well-being of every child.
English Language
Our language classes are organized to create a bilingual environment in which children and teachers communicate using freely. Kids quickly develop an extensive vocabulary and start to sing, read, and write in a foreign language. They also consistently interact with children from different backgrounds as our group is a diverse mix of kids. The opportunity to grow and connect within an international community offers a truly unique socialization experience. Additionally, children become familiar with other languages and cultures from different countries, which helps them become well-rounded global citizens at a young age.
Community Building
Our Primary class offers an abundance of group activities! We have community meetings, music, and circle time, where teachers involve children in stories, finger games, songs, dances, and live music. These sessions are conducted in both Russian and English, promoting open communication, speech development, and self-expression.

Children also participate in engaging projects. We allocate specific time for outdoor science exploration, creativity, arts and crafts, and cooking. Each month revolves around a specific theme, and you'll be amazed at the range of activities kids engage in, from replanting flowers and whipping up pancakes to constructing birdhouses and conducting physics experiments.
Evening Classes
In the afternoon, children participate in enrichment activities as an addition to the core curriculum. Our evening classes run from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM and regularly offer new opportunities for children to have fun. For example, we offer Musical Theatre, Fitness, Fairy Tale with Clay, Yoga, Storytelling in English, and much more!
Culture Celebrations
We absolutely cherish cultural celebrations! Each one turns into a full-fledged project that spans from a few weeks to an entire month. Whether it's Earth Day, the Harvest Festival, or New Year's Day, the kids start by learning about the origins of the culture celebrations and then dive right into preparations. They read books related to the theme, learn new recipes, prepare authentic dishes, make decorations, and rehearse songs and performances.

During these preparations, the skills children develop in everyday life progress at double the speed: teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills. It's all made possible because the children are driven by their curiosity and the anticipation of experiencing something magical.
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