Welcome to Nido Class!

3 - 15 months old with with parents accompaniment
Nido, the Italian word for 'nest,' represents a warm and inviting space where our youngest learners begin to explore the world around them. Twice a week, babies spend time in a Montessori environment where they naturally develop their gross and fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

We have put a lot of thought into creating an environment that ensures the success of our youngest students during their most crucial period - their first year of life. Through a carefully selected range of Montessori activities in a cozy and aesthetically pleasing environment, our dedicated teachers have created a safe space where each child has the freedom to nurture their individuality and independence.
Education starts the moment a child is born, and it's the exploration of the world around them that shapes their personality. Parents are, in fact, a newborn baby's first teachers. In our "Nido" class, we believe in taking care of parents as well! While your child engages in various activities and makes their discoveries, parents learn:
How to observe a child's development and specific developmental aspects to pay attention to;
How to arrange a home environment that promotes a baby's independence;
How to assist a child and create an environment that fosters the successful development of their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and attention system.
Students in the Nido class will also have the chance to enjoy music, engage with hands-on materials and learn the fundamentals of practical life skills during activities specially designed for our youngest kids.

Upon completion of the program, your baby will be able to join the “Baby & Me” program for younger Toddlers with parental accompaniment.
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