Welcome to Baby & Me Class!

15 - 24 months old with parents’ accompaniment
Once your baby has confidently taken their first steps, you may join our Baby & Me program. In this program, babies, alongside their parents, become familiar with the Montessori classroom environment, making a smooth transition towards the Toddler class. Our teachers create a welcoming atmosphere where every child can feel secure and explore the world around them confidently. These classes are conducted in Russian.

Research has shown that children under the age of six perceive and understand the world primarily through their senses. Therefore, an early introduction to the Montessori environment is highly beneficial. Our classroom is thoughtfully designed with dedicated areas for practical life, sensory exploration, language development, movement, and creativity. This environment provides young children with the opportunity to fulfill their sensory needs and engage in hands-on exploration and manipulation of objects.
Adults learn together with children. The goal for parents is to observe and guide. A Montessori teacher will work closely with parents to help them introduce their child to the classroom. Teachers will also show parents how to interact with their child in a way that encourages independence and constructive activity. Parents can also seek advice on teaching and organizing the home environment. In the class, 7-8 children are in the same study group with parental accompaniment, which allows adults to exchange experiences and create their community.

Our Montessori teacher will provide recommendations on the child's further adaptation and preparation for the next stage - the Toddler class (for children aged 1.5 - 3 years old). In addition, for the first time in a class, a "circle time" is introduced for greetings, farewells, music, reading, and finger games. In toddler classroom children start working with real foods in the kitchen area and are introduced to various cooking activities
Children who begin their Montessori journey with the "Nido" and "Baby & Me" programs become familiar with the daily preschool routine by the time they move on to the next level. At that stage, students become proficient in working with specific materials, make choices with a high degree of independence, familiarize themselves with the Montessori environment, and establish strong connections with their teachers. All of these experiences are instrumental in ensuring a smooth and independent transition to the Toddler class.
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