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Montessori Hub is an international preschool founded by a multicultural team of professionals from all over the world. Our Moscow campus, located in the Khamovniki district in the city center, offers unique programs for children aged 3 months to 6 years old. We work in a bilingual environment according to the OPOL method, and we speak with and teach children in two languages: Russian and English. Our families come from different origins, and we respect and accept all traditions, values ​​and beliefs. Each of our students is a global citizen.

As modern parents, we understand the importance of a quality education for our children. There are many ways to teach children reading, writing and counting, but we believe that learning should also be inspiring and develop leadership, social and creative abilities. We have chosen the Montessori method as the basis for our academic program because it supports the comprehensive development of the child, where every aspect is important: both intellectual and creative preparation, as well as psychological and physical health.
...creating a place where children are eager to discover the world around them and find their unique place in it.
However, Montessori Hub is more than just a Montessori preschool. We have integrated the latest methodologies and innovative programs into the curriculum, such as peace education, mindfulness, and sustainability. We encourage educators to create a "WOW-effect" for all who come into the classroom. We have rethought education and created a place where children discover the whole world and find their unique place in it.

In an atmosphere of gentle care, freedom and comfort, your children will reveal their strengths and talents, learn to think outside the box, solve complex problems, and be independent and self-reliant. We help every child to find themselves, learn with curiosity and joy, develop emotional intelligence and leadership qualities. The most important task for us is to make sure every child in our preschool feels happy, and every parent finds support and comfortable communication.
Our preschool provides a welcoming environment of warmth, care and freedom to encourage students to think freely and solve problems independently to reveal their strengths...
Montessori Hub is fostering child-driven independence, academic discovery, creative exploration and a mindset of sustainability.
Our mission

4 pillars

Montessori Hub encourages child-driven independence to promote self-esteem, confidence and motivation in order to equip our students with the skills and attitude to take on the world and thrive. Children can grow up feeling empowered and safe in their abilities to make sound choices. When their teachers and parents trust them to be self-directed, they learn to trust themselves, ultimately becoming happy and productive members of their communities.
Child-driven independence
To enable students to expand, reach their potential and educate them to the highest level of academic achievement, Montessori Hub promotes academic discovery in the classroom and beyond. Our classrooms are beautiful spaces that are fully equipped with age-appropriate Montessori materials designed to stimulate the child’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them. Montessori education can instill the motivation, decision-making and self-reliance that will prepare children for success in school, college, career, and life.
Academic discovery
We view creativity as a natural ability that is developed through the process of child development. Montessori Hub supports the development of creativity in numerous ways. We nurture a creative and enthusiastic environment to help our students identify, develop and showcase their talents and interests, setting children up for continuous development of these skills in the future.
Creative exploration
Montessori Hub empowers children to become capable individuals who will be responsible stewards of their own inner and external resources. Our philosophy of sustainable mindset has helped them avoid falling into default thinking, opening them to explore new ways of problem solving, collaborating, and relating to peers. Encouraged to think out-of-the box from an early stage helps children find internal fulfillment, professional productivity, and personal connection throughout their lives. Additionally, our children develop a love and respect for nature and the environment, having been continually engaged in their outdoor surroundings.
Sustainability mindset
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