19 December 2023

Bonding & Learning!

What are the advantages of joint classes for parents and their babies?
In the world of childhood, every moment matters, especially in the very first few years of life. It's during this early stage that crucial cognitive skills like memory, attention, perception, and language start taking shape, laying the groundwork for the child's personality. That's why at Montessori Hub, we offer Baby & Me classes for kids aged 0 to 2 years old, where they can learn alongside their parents! In the welcoming atmosphere of our Montessori classroom, babies feel safe and confident to explore our carefully designed environment. Meanwhile, parents get a chance to observe their children and learn to encourage their independence and constructive activity.

First Discoveries
Research shows that children under six years old explore and understand the world around them primarily through their senses. That's why the Montessori environment proves to be the most effective for nurturing the development of infants and young toddlers. Specially crafted educational materials encourage the use of all senses through hands-on manipulation. In our Baby & Me group, children not only engage with these materials but also learn to interact with their peers, fostering communication skills and emotional intelligence. These initial social skills set them up for an easier transition into the Toddler and Primary groups later on. Activities like dancing, playing musical instruments, drawing, physical exercise, and modeling further enhance fine motor skills, coordination, and imagination. In classes, we move from simple concepts to more complex ones with repetition and consolidation of the covered material. This approach ensures that children with different experiences can easily join the group at any time.

We’ve got parents’ backs too!
In our classes, teachers help parents, guiding them on how to ease their baby into the classroom and demonstrating ways to interact with their little ones. Our Montessori educators initiate scenarios in which children can safely build independence and pick up early practical life skills. Moms and dads join the learning process alongside their children, swapping stories, ideas, and strategies with other parents, forging a community where everyone can discover something new. Plus, our guides are always ready to assist and answer any questions about the child's education and how to organize a home environment. We also organize bonding activities like stories, massages, and relaxation exercises, giving both babies and parents extra quality time to create memories.

A child's personality, sociability, curiosity, and ability to work independently are greatly influenced by experiences in their early years. Since parents play a vital role during this period, we always try to support them and help in the development of their baby. Together we create an atmosphere where every moment becomes an opportunity for growth and learning!