25 January 2024

development of independence

Why does it come easily and naturally in preschool?
In preschool, where every day brings a little adventure and a chance for a new discovery, building independence is crucial. Maria Montessori recognized that children learn best when they are free to move, choose their activities, and follow their interests. After all, it's through this kind of freedom that children learn how to make decisions and take responsibility. That's why at Montessori Hub, our approach to learning supports kids in making choices, working and solving problems on their own!

Prepared Environment
Montessori classrooms are set up in a way that all the materials are easily seen and within reach of a child. Every material serves a purpose and has its designated spot! The room is split into various activity areas like math, language, geography, etc. Kids have the freedom to move around and pick activities based on what interests them and meets their needs. Teachers don't intervene in the child's processes, allowing them to make mistakes and learn. Yet, they keep a close eye from a distance, ready to step in if needed, provide material presentations, or offer another activity to work on.

Independent Problem Solving
Montessori materials aren't just regular toys; they're specially designed activities that empower little ones to correct mistakes on their own. Each of them has a built-in Control of Error mechanism that allows a child to realize if they've made a mistake and practice until they solve the “puzzle” :) This principle reduces the need for adult intervention. It teaches kids not to fear mistakes and encourages them to develop self-motivation skills and a flexible problem-solving mindset.

Practical Life Activities
Children derive great satisfaction from purposeful, real-life activities that gradually build their self-confidence, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Therefore, we pay great attention to the exercises of Practical Life. The little ones learn to tidy up, arrange the table, water plants, cook, sew and more! They enjoy feeling all grown-up and seeing the results of their efforts in taking care of themselves and the classroom. In turn, we believe in their abilities and make sure to celebrate their victories!

Encouraging kids to develop independence skills paves the way for countless opportunities for their self-discovery. A child capable of handling tasks on their own today grows into a successful and accomplished adult tomorrow!
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